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What is Flash Image Editor?

Flash Image Editor is an Adobe® Flash web based online image editor and photo editor application designed for simple integration into your website or web applications.  We have built Flash Image Editor with versatility and usefullness in mind so it can be as simple or as powerful as you need it to be as well as easily integrate into your existing website or application workflow.  With the Flash Image Editor you can easily remove buttons and features as well as change tool-bar and panel locations by simply configuring the XML files to your specific needs.  Add your code to the server side page that saves the image and project files to smoothly integrate Flash Image Editor into your web apps.  Flash Image Editor can save and load project files (templates) from relative URL's and save and load image files like PNG, JPG and GIF from relative URL's or remote HTTP addresses. This is ideal for editing photos and images from Facebook, Google Images or even your custom templates on the fly.  Flash Image Editor is the perfect website image editor software

Flash Image Editor Features

Until now it's been hard to find an online image editor you can buy and use for your website so we bring you the Flash Image Editor.  Whether you're building an online t-shirt builder, online business card builder , flyer builder, brochure builder or you just need an image editor to integrate into your websites Content Management System (CMS) the Flash Image Editor can be a great way to to give you all the features you need to start your own custom Flash Application.

We have created the Flash Image Editor to be as versitile as possible by allowing you to add your own Fonts, Clipart Assets and Effect Filter Styles.  We programmed it to load images from your local hard drive or from a remote web address like Google Images, Flickr or PhotoBucket.

  • Load and Edit Images from a URL or your Desktop Hard Drive
  • Take snap-shots from your Webcam
  • Use Fliters like: Drop Shadow, Blur, Inner/Outer Glow, Sharpen.
  • Use Effect Filters like: Gold, Casino, Metal, Liquid, Plastic, and more.
  • Integrated Clipart Gallery that you can easily update with your own Clipart, templates or Frames.
  • Add Text, Crop Photos, Resize Images, Draw Gradients, Draw Shapes and Lines
  • Use Layers and Layer Transfer Modes for Special Effects
  • Save and Load Project files for continued editing at a later time.
  • Create Templates files for your users to design business cards, posters, banner ads, etc.
  • Integration with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla coming soon.

The Flash Image Editor can be purchased for use on your own website for personal or commercial purposes.

Possible Uses for Flash Image Editor (FIE):

Note: These applications are not included, these are simply ideas that you could use the Flash Image Editor for.

  • Online Image Editor for Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Online Photo Editor for photo sharing websites
  • Create your own Photo Booth website with a full blown photo editor
  • Use it as an Online Banner Ad Creator
  • Business Card Builder
  • Online Poster Designer
  • Online Flyer Editor
  • Create a Greeting Card Designer - Hioliday, Birthday, Christmas, New Years, Holiday's, etc.
  • ID - Identification Creator - Start with a template (.fie file) then snap a webcam photo and customize the text.  Done!
  • Online Photo Booth with Image Editing
  • Frame Photos
  • Online Photo Dazzling and Bling
  • Anything that requires an Image Editing Component or Manual Image Processing
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